Services – Talent Strategies

Clients Tell Us – Recruiting the High-Quality Talent is an Acute and Recurring Source of Frustration

Typically, HR departments are often aligned around the already-demanding compliance responsibilities of the complex modern workplace.

When you task the same people with the added responsibility of talent acquisition, the result is too often frustration all around. HR departments can’t keep up with demand. Managers are unhappy with the caliber of talent presented to them.

Empty seats mean productivity is falling by the wayside.

Too often, the outcome is overreliance on expensive outside recruiting firms.

Titus Talent Acquisition Strategies guides your organization in developing an in-house talent acquisition model that fits your organization’s needs – right-sized for today and robust enough to foster organizational growth.

Applying the tools we use in our consulting practice to evaluate organizational strengths and challenges, Titus conducts a thorough audit of your internal talent acquisition function.

We’ll help you discover hidden strengths and recommend solutions to fill gaps in existing capabilities. Together, we’ll –

Evaluate your current recruiting processes

Develop recommendations for a recruiting model that fits your organization

Help you implement changes and develop benchmarks for tracking results

Better Talent. Reduced Cost.

With the right people organized in the right way, you’ll fill positions faster with better quality talent.

Plus, you’ll see your recruiting costs greatly reduced.


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