Shedding Some Light on Healthcare and the Nightshift

Posted by Barb Schwab on Oct 19, 2015 “I started my workday at 6 PM, ready to rock the emergency room.  It is now 1 AM.  I am fighting off the yawns and stomach growling.  I’m getting a tension headache from the stress of an understaffed unit. I sometimes have to ask myself… why doContinue reading “Shedding Some Light on Healthcare and the Nightshift”

When Does It Make Sense To Outsource Recruiting?

By Chris Thomson on Aug 25, 2015 When making recruiting business decisions many HR departments struggle with the question: When does it make sense to outsource? While the ideal scenario might be to keep recruiting functions in the safety of the company’s processes, there are times when it makes sense to entrust outside sources. InContinue reading “When Does It Make Sense To Outsource Recruiting?”