Shedding Some Light on Healthcare and the Nightshift

Posted by Barb Schwab on Oct 19, 2015

“I started my workday at 6 PM, ready to rock the emergency room.  It is now 1 AM.  I am fighting off the yawns and stomach growling.  I’m getting a tension headache from the stress of an understaffed unit. I sometimes have to ask myself… why do I work the nightshift?”

How many clinicians feel this way?  According to Navigate Nursing, an online program of the American Nurses Association, shift work, generally described as working outside daylight hours, is difficult physically and mentally, but inherent to many healthcare positions. Approximately 30% of the nursing population is employed in shift work (Hughes & Stone).

Recruiting and retaining these “Nighttime Heroes” is critical to the success of many healthcare providers.  So how are hiring managers and healthcare providers ensuring that these individuals are getting the attention, care and resources they need to be successful in their roles?

Here are some key items that may make a huge impact on the success of the nighttime shift:

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When Does It Make Sense To Outsource Recruiting?

By Chris Thomson on Aug 25, 2015


When making recruiting business decisions many HR departments struggle with the question: When does it make sense to outsource? While the ideal scenario might be to keep recruiting functions in the safety of the company’s processes, there are times when it makes sense to entrust outside sources. In the last few years the global economy has evolved, making recruiting and hiring the right candidates a lot more difficult. Today, the market includes global competition, lightning fast changing business conditions, low unemployment rates, skills shortages, and a war for talent.

Finding and hiring the right people means leveraging social media, recruiting technology, developing relationships with successful candidates, and, most importantly, SELLING THE OPPORTUNITY. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider outsourcing recruiting:

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Things Affecting Interview Answers

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

Sometimes I’m asked by people for a specific answer they could give to a particular question that they anticipate having in an upcoming interview. While I can quite well give an answer to many of those questions, I know it is impossible to give all people an answer that is infallible in all interview situations.

The reason has to do with a number of factors that the interviewee needs to size up preceding the question. It might be useful to look at some of these factors which should influence a person in shaping their replies to questions.

The first factor is a person’s verbal skills. While some people are talkative and effectively communicate their thoughts with words easily, others are less able to do so. Their answers are generally straight forward and short. Vocabulary is closely related to this factor; some have a large vocabulary, know industry buzz words and technical terminology while…

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