If They Do Not Fit, They’ll Likely Quit: Decoding The DNA Fit For Your Company

By Jeff Boucher on Jul 1, 2015 Do you remember where you were when you first heard of DNA? For me, it was watching the highly televised OJ Simpson trial. What am amazing scientific breakthrough, the ability to unequivocally determine a match based on the very essence of who you are. Your company has DNAContinue reading “If They Do Not Fit, They’ll Likely Quit: Decoding The DNA Fit For Your Company”

Explaining unemployment in the job interview

THIS IS A MORE COMMON CONVERSATION THAN YOU THINK. In April 2015, the unemployment rate hovered around 5.4 percent — or 8.5 million people who want to work and who can, but aren’t. Taking care of family, changing career paths, going back to school, getting laid off — these are only a handful of reasonsContinue reading “Explaining unemployment in the job interview”

What to research before a job interview

BIG PART OF PREPARING FOR A JOB INTERVIEW IS RESEARCHING THE COMPANY. HERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU STEP INTO THE INTERVIEW. It can be easy to forget that a job interview should be a two-way street – not only is the employer trying to determine whether you fit their needs, but you shouldContinue reading “What to research before a job interview”

How To Handle Cancelling An Interview

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a growing complaint among my friends who are small business owners. They’ve experienced an increase in candidates not showing for interviews or cancelling an interview at the last minute with wacky excuses. If you have been invited for an interview, but can’t attend for some reason, take the following stepsContinue reading “How To Handle Cancelling An Interview”

Do You Manage Your Career Like A First Date?

First date.. Career… You heard me correctly! Do you manage your career like a first date? I remember what it was like to be single. That was over thirty years ago but I remember the awkward feelings of trying to find someone who would just go out with me on a date. When I graduatedContinue reading “Do You Manage Your Career Like A First Date?”

5 useful ways to fill in time when hoping for a job interview

I find too many job seekers who are ill prepared during their job search. The first two things that you should do when seeking a new employer is 1. Make sure that your social sites are private – if they are your source of socializing and 2. make certain that your voicemail message is professionalContinue reading “5 useful ways to fill in time when hoping for a job interview”

What’s “Fit” Got to Do With It?

Companies today are looking for more than just education, experience, and transferable skills.  With an increasing price tag on turnover, recruiters and hiring managers are looking deeper into the intangibles.  The article below gives good perspective on what “fit” has to do with anything. How often have you heard something like this when you’ve beenContinue reading “What’s “Fit” Got to Do With It?”

5 Ways to Become an Efficient Job Seeker

Are you the kind of job hunter who feels that the search is taking over your life? Perhaps you sense that you’re spinning your wheels, putting in lots of hours looking for that new job and never gaining traction. Maybe you can relate to the person who stays up ’til all hours of the night,Continue reading “5 Ways to Become an Efficient Job Seeker”

10 unusual interview mistakes, and 6 that are all too common

Most of us can recall an embarrassing moment in our lives that was caused by nerves. Whether it was drawing a blank at a crucial time, spilling a drink on a first date or stuttering through a presentation at work, at one point or another, anxiety has gotten the best of all of us. OneContinue reading “10 unusual interview mistakes, and 6 that are all too common”