Shedding Some Light on Healthcare and the Nightshift

Posted by Barb Schwab on Oct 19, 2015

“I started my workday at 6 PM, ready to rock the emergency room.  It is now 1 AM.  I am fighting off the yawns and stomach growling.  I’m getting a tension headache from the stress of an understaffed unit. I sometimes have to ask myself… why do I work the nightshift?”

How many clinicians feel this way?  According to Navigate Nursing, an online program of the American Nurses Association, shift work, generally described as working outside daylight hours, is difficult physically and mentally, but inherent to many healthcare positions. Approximately 30% of the nursing population is employed in shift work (Hughes & Stone).

Recruiting and retaining these “Nighttime Heroes” is critical to the success of many healthcare providers.  So how are hiring managers and healthcare providers ensuring that these individuals are getting the attention, care and resources they need to be successful in their roles?

Here are some key items that may make a huge impact on the success of the nighttime shift:

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