What to research before a job interview

BIG PART OF PREPARING FOR A JOB INTERVIEW IS RESEARCHING THE COMPANY. HERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU STEP INTO THE INTERVIEW. It can be easy to forget that a job interview should be a two-way street – not only is the employer trying to determine whether you fit their needs, but you shouldContinue reading “What to research before a job interview”

The Passive Candidate Spectrum — Getting Inside their Psyche for More Successful Recruiting

by Maury Hanigan We’ve all met superstar recruiters at some point in our careers. The ones who work with essentially the same tools and resources as everyone else but still manage to consistently outperform their peers. Those elite few who regularly source “unreachable” candidates and close top-tier talent at impressive rates. One of the hallmarks ofContinue reading “The Passive Candidate Spectrum — Getting Inside their Psyche for More Successful Recruiting”

4 Ways To Reconnect With Your Career

by Jenny Yerrick Martin Remember all those years ago when you first started down your career path, making steady progress or landing a job you were sure you would want forever? Or maybe you just accepted a job that seemed promising, or that you felt was the best you could do, and one thing ledContinue reading “4 Ways To Reconnect With Your Career”

10 Ways To Deal With Job Rejection

10 Ways to Deal with Job Rejection – by Anastasia Evans Depending on the level of competitiveness in your chosen field –and increasingly, even in more open fields – job rejections are unhappily common. Graduates have faced a rough job market for years, and the bottleneck of talented candidates is still reality in a numberContinue reading “10 Ways To Deal With Job Rejection”

4 Signs You’re Not Leadership Material

Originally posted on Gen Y Girl:
I don’t know who came up with this extremely popular notion of promoting employees into leadership positions based on tenure, but to whoever’s responsible..stupid idea, bro. The truth of the matter is this… NOT EVERYONE’S LEADERSHIP MATERIAL… And that’s okay! Just because you’re a genius in your field… Just…