Month: December 2014

Catch People Doing Something Right

How We Lead

Asian Business PeopleI believe the key to developing employees and building a great organization is to wander around and catch people doing things right. This is a powerful management concept that isn’t used as often as it should be. Unfortunately, most leaders tend to focus on the things that are being done wrong so they can fix them.

The best way to start this habit is to take an hour out of your week to just walk around and observe what goes on in your organization. I know you’ll see several examples of people who are doing the right thing: conducting business with corporate values in mind. When you see this happening, praise the individual.

Remember, though—effective praising has to be specific. Just walking around saying “thanks for everything” is meaningless. If you say “great job” to a poor performer and the same thing to a good performer, you’ll sound ridiculous to…

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Before You Develop Your New Year’s Career Resolutions, Read This!

Spartans Helping Spartans

By Karen J. Reiff, MCC, ACRW, JCTC (Guest Blogger)

With my head full of ideas, I share my favorite take-aways from the recent Career Thought Leaders Conference for job-seekers:

  1. You must grow your own muscles – a coach can assist you, but you have to do the lifting
  2. Recruiting is broken; your own job search isn’t. Monster and Career Builder fundamentally ruined the job search process.
  3. Run your career like a business- think more like the plumber: I am the expert you need
  4. Create dragon-slaying stories: “I came, I saw, I conquered”
  5. Branding is YOUR responsibility – the narrow your brand, the better
  6. You need the right tools to conduct a successful job search
  7. Tools include: creative, accomplishments-based resume, cover letter, bio, complete LinkedIn Profile AND a referral-based job search strategy.
  8. Black holes really do exist- every time a job seeker posts a resume to an online job posting, the likelihood…

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Kill Your Unicorns

Amplify Talent

Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Recruiting is evolving. Fast. Faster than any time in my 15+ years in corporate recruiting. There are many contributing factors: social media, the maturation of employer branding, the prevalence of mobile devices (and their ability to reach a new ‘always on’ generation), advances in HR technology – just to name a few.

These changes in the recruiting marketplace are happening at a pace most corporate recruiting teams struggle to keep up with. It’s created a new crop of consulting firms (like mine) who help them navigate these new waters. There is a lot of opportunity in this new world.

These industry shifts have also spawned a new crop of hyperbolic statements, unicorn statements, about the state of recruiting. Views I feel are beginning to become more and more disconnected with the trench recruiting realities on the ground for most companies. These unicorn views aren’t rooted in…

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