Month: November 2014

Three Steps to Storytelling Success in Your Job Search

Spartans Helping Spartans

By Laura Labovich, Guest Blogger

The best storytellers have one thing in common: they rarely wing it. And, once you’d learned the formula for a great speed networking pitch (in just three easy steps), you won’t have to wing it, either.

Let’s take a look at the three steps that can make your networking pitch stand out with stories of your most successful moments.

Step 1: Uncover Your “Greatest Hits”

Many people struggle to identify their accomplishments because they see those peaks as “just part of their job.” To get your ideas flowing, you have to banish those thoughts. All bets are off, and all answers are good ones. To sell yourself and (perhaps more importantly) encourage someone to continue speaking with you in the first place, you must first formulate a list of career “greatest hits” (think 80’s mixed tape!) and how you “saved the day, solved the problem…

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