The Business of Interviews

Spartans Helping Spartans

What makes for a successful interview? Isn’t that the million dollar question. There are plenty of resources for job seekers these days outlining how to look and what to say to increase the odds of a positive outcome. I agree with much of the advice; however, much of it stops short of driving home the most important concept when it comes to interviews.

Before I reveal what is being overlooked, I’m going to clarify what a successful interview is in my mind. Most job seekers would say a successful interview is one where you are eventually invited back or offered a job. True, but it’s more than that. A successful interview is one where both parties have learned enough about one another to make a good decision. So, what is this earth shattering nugget of knowledge job seekers are missing? Prepare yourself. Job interviews are a business meeting. It’s as…

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