Month: March 2014

Three Tips to Avoid Gender Discrimination Allegations in Recruiting and Hiring

The EmpLAWyerologist

This week we have a guest blogger.  Her name is Rebecca Gray. Rebecca is a full-time blogger and an information security specialist from Her writing focuses on helping consumers keep their private information safe. She also endorses each person’s right to access public information through background checks. Though she writes often about issues involving tech, security, and criminal justice, Rebecca also enjoys writing fiction—usually in the vein of popular thrillers and mysteries. After the jump, Rebecca will be sharing with us some tips on avoiding gender discrimination allegations when recruiting and hiring.

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When You Undervalue HR, You Undercut Your Managers’ Effectiveness

The Staffing Advisor

desperation One of the fastest ways to sabotage your business results is to hire the cheapest HR professionals you can find. When you saddle your executive team with under-staffed (or under-skilled) HR support, you hobble their performance. Here’s why:
  • More than any other person in an organization except for the CEO, the top HR executive impacts how much courage managers will show in hiring and performance management.
  • HR has an enormous impact on your budget. In many organizations, the lion’s share of the annual budget is spent on salary and benefits, and HR typically determines how strategically that money is allocated. (Good luck attracting great people when you offer lousy benefits and no clear way of measuring or rewarding performance).
  • HR has a huge impact on results. HR maps out the strategies that attract, retain, and inspire the staff to help you achieve your mission. (Good luck trying to achieve great…

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The Business of Interviews

Spartans Helping Spartans

What makes for a successful interview? Isn’t that the million dollar question. There are plenty of resources for job seekers these days outlining how to look and what to say to increase the odds of a positive outcome. I agree with much of the advice; however, much of it stops short of driving home the most important concept when it comes to interviews.

Before I reveal what is being overlooked, I’m going to clarify what a successful interview is in my mind. Most job seekers would say a successful interview is one where you are eventually invited back or offered a job. True, but it’s more than that. A successful interview is one where both parties have learned enough about one another to make a good decision. So, what is this earth shattering nugget of knowledge job seekers are missing? Prepare yourself. Job interviews are a business meeting. It’s as…

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(Columbus, Ind.) February 25, 2014—Elwood Staffing announced today that it has been named to Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Best of Staffing® Talent lists for 2014.

Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, Best of Staffing is the nation’s only award that recognizes staffing firms that receive remarkable reviews from their clients and the people they find jobs (employed talent). Fewer than 2% of North American staffing firms receive the Best of Staffing Award for service excellence, and fewer still earn the distinction to be on both the Client and Talent lists.

“For us, delivering exceptional customer service is not just part of our business, it is our business,” comments Elwood Staffing CEO, Mark S. Elwood. “Our success as a company hinges on the relationships we forge with our clients and associates. We are fortunate to have many long-term partnerships, and the fact that our customers say they would recommend us to their friends and colleagues is something we are very proud of.”

Best of Staffing Survey:
Staffing firms competing to make the Best of Staffing lists underwent a rigorous client survey process followed by careful analysis of responses to determine satisfaction levels in regards to customer care, communication, and overall service provided. Elwood Staffing secured a place on the list by earning an average score that was double the national staffing industry benchmark for customer satisfaction.

“The staffing industry is helping organizations bridge the skills gap and add jobs today more than at any other point in U.S. history,” said Inavero Founder and CEO, Eric Gregg. “In an era of scarce qualified talent, hard-to-fill positions, and ever-increasing expectations, these firms have proven they have what it takes to deliver exceptional service to both clients and job candidates. We’re
proud of the accomplishments of our 2014 award recipients.

“Inavero’s complete Best of Staffing list can be viewed at For more information about Inavero, visit

About Elwood Staffing:
Founded in 1980, Elwood Staffing® is a leading provider of talent-based solutions. With offices that span the United States and extend into Canada, a broad service portfolio, and a seasoned staff, we support companies through the entire employment life cycle—from attraction to outplacement. 

And with the combined expertise of our specialized sister brands—Elwood Professional, Elwood Tradesmen, and Elwood Academy—we offer a uniquely comprehensive and innovative solution set that effectively meets the needs of our clients and associates.

Information on Elwood Staffing and its service offerings can be found on its website: