The Kindness in Terminations, Criticism and Rejection

Spartans Helping Spartans

I have a twin sister. As far as twins go, we don’t have many similarities. My sister’s curly jet black hair, green eyes, artistic ability and tendency to say things like fiddlesticks when mad are the polar opposites of me. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I say fiddlesticks, too. What can I say? We spent a lot of time with our grandmother in our formative years.

Though I’ve always been aware of our physical and creative differences, my sister brought another one to my attention several years ago. It was a doozy. After overhearing a phone conversation I had with a temporary employee who needed to be counseled and eventually terminated for poor choices, my sister informed me should could never do what I do because she wasn’t mean enough to fire people. Though she didn’t intend to call me mean, her words gave me pause. As a person who has largely…

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