4 rules of hiring: How to build a team (not just fill a desk)

Erin Burrell

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to build and create teams on a number of occasions. I have discovered that more often than not, it isn’t just about skills.  Great teams need a blend of the skills to do the job, fit to work together, personalities that are different and diverse, and so much more.

When I hire and recruit I see people that are about to be more than colleagues. I see the potential of chats over coffee, or some trash talking over late night deliverables. I see people who will not just meet the skills I require, but will truly complement those who already work there. I hire to put people with different talents and backgrounds together to work to enrich everyone’s experience. A friend of mine just started on the process of helping to build on an existing team so I thought I would share the…

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