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2013 CFO OF THE YEAR: Steve Hunnicutt, Elwood Staffing

2013 CFO OF THE YEAR: Steve Hunnicutt, Elwood Staffing


HONOREE, Private Companies (Revenue $100 million or more)

As CFO of Elwood staffing, Steve Hunnicutt’s influence has been much more than temporary.

He’s overseen eight acquisitions, doubling the company’s footprint and its revenue. The achievement is even more remarkable considering that three of those acquisitions occurred in the difficult economic years from 2008 to 2010—when his industry contracted 37 percent. And he’s kept the company profitable during every year of his tenure.

Hunnicutt was recruited to serve as controller after working with an automotive-parts supplier as a business analyst. That previous employer had just gone through a merger, usually a volatile time.

“I thought it was not a bad idea to hear what these folks at Elwood had to say,” Hunnicutt recalled. Liking what he heard, he joined the family-owned business in 2000.


To Stay At The Top, You Need to Keep Working

Gen Y Girl

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I never thought I’d be one to like sports, but hey, things happen.

Yes, thanks to my boyfriend’s weirdly intense obsession- I’ve become a die hard Alabama Football fan.

So unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the fact that the University of Alabama lost this weekend to Auburn.

And now- because I’m admitting this- you also know that I was in tears all weekend.

In a nutshell, Alabama was well on their way to winning 3 consecutive National Championships.

They were well on their way to making history.

They’d been at the top for so long, but this game, sadly, ended their winning streak.

And broke my heart in the process.

When I think about their season this year, I can’t help but wonder just how badly they wanted to keep winning.

I can’t help but wonder if they really understood what it would take.

That in order to…

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The Twitter Job Search

Spartans Helping Spartans

By Dave Isbell

As with all social media resources, (as well as “in-real-life-networking” experiences), Twitter is just a tool to use to meet people, engage in conversation, and to share ideas. It’s ok to push out three or four messages per day, and to retweet (RT) other people’s messages often, but your goal is to use your own voice to increase your presence in a community of other people. (Note: This is NOT the place to inundate other people with requests, sell your products, or to advertise that you need a job!) Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. The first rule of using Twitter is to be consistently engaging in dialogue with new people, introducing people to one another, and having something important to say that adds to the conversation! 

Here is the best resource I’ve found on using twitter (from the masters who are a MUST follow…

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