Month: October 2013

Ripping the Ass out of Assessment


6Apologies for the rude title but if at the heart of an effective Talent Acquisition strategy is the assessment and selection of said talent, then you could be forgiven for believing that in the last generation we’ve lost sight of this important fact.

In the place of an effective assessment process that at least attempts to push the validity of hiring decision upwards, we’ve been focussing on shoving as many people down a recruitment funnel as possible. ATS technology was born to replace the paper mountains of job applications and some vendors tried to convince you those killer questions such as ‘are you a robot ?’ or ‘have you ever visited a turkish bath ?’ were effective parts of the assessment process rather than a means of keeping numbers of applicants to a minimum.

For those interested in their recruitment social history, assessment blossomed just after the war as a…

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Mark S. Elwood, CEO, Elwood Staffing

Staffing Industry Analysts 100 Most Influential People in the Staffing Industry 

Mark S. Elwood

Mark S. Elwood
Elwood Staffing

si100  Nominated  2013

Mark S. Elwood is CEO of Elwood Staffing, a Columbus, Ind.-based staffing firm. Elwood oversaw the acquisition of SOS Employment Group, which catapulted the staffing firm to the No. 15 slot on Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2013 list of largest U.S. staffing firms in 2013. Elwood joined the firm in 1985 and became CEO in 2000. The company operates 220 service locations across 31 states and extends into Canada.