Month: April 2012

How Your Social Media Profile Could Make Or Break Your Next Job

Too often we find ourselves (or others) treating social media platforms like our own personal sound boards for our personal business. We really need to keep in mind who sees these posts and photos and how they can impact our professional lives both now and in the future. There is a fine line between your personal network and your professional appearance. My advice, keep your network private or save the drama for your diary!

The 6 Parts of Recruiting for Culture

If anyone said that a recruiters job is easy, THEY LIED!  Quiet they contrary, our job can be one of the most trying (and the most rewarding) jobs in the organization.  We are not only tasked to identify the best candidates for the position, based off of a vague and usually outdated job description, but then we have ensure that they “fit” into the already established culture.  We must  determine through a few short emails and phone conversations who they are, what they’ve done and what personality type they are.  The reward for us corporate recruiters, is seeing great people coming to work at a company that we love and admire!

Good luck recruiters and for good measure, here is an article to help you as you recruit for culture.  The 6 Parts of Recruiting for Culture

~Angela Malagon, Corporate Recruiter Elwood Staffing

Elwood Staffing is growing

There is nothing like tremendous growth to create excitement and buzz around a staffing firm.  It is also enough to make a corporate recruiter’s job go from a 5 to a 10 in about 5 seconds flat!  It is a very exciting time for Elwood Staffing and we are looking for the best candidates to join our team.  My job is to find them interview them and make sure that they are the best fit for our company.  No pressure, right?  I am reading a book, “Hire with your Head” by Lou Adler.  He talks about the importance of hiring wisely and using performance-based hiring to build great teams.  That is my ultimate goal as I move to build the best internal team for the company that I love.  I aim to recruit wisely and hire with my head, utilize the tools that I have and find ways to enhance and make them better. As our company continues on this amazing journey, I hope to keep you posted on my challenges and successes of corporate recruiting.  I also hope to share interesting facts and articles that will make you the best candidate that you can be going into your next interview.  Be the best that you can be at whatever you do!         – Angela Malagon